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I skipped buying a pregnancy pillow with my 1st child (Ben) and I endured for over 3 months. A girlfriend recommended I buy the ultimateSkies as she did based on her physiotherapist recommending this type b/c of its superior quality and the pillow kept its shape even after repeated washing.  My husband even said why didn’t you have this with Ben when you really needed it?

Julie Kensington VIC

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What I really like about Bump Moves . is the fact that there is health care professionals giving advice and useful information, I bought one of the pillows they recommend and I haven’t been disappointed.  The owners are real people and you can call them, as I had a question regarding the breastfeeding pillow. should I go small or large? I received my pillow the next day.

phoebe (QLD)

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During pregnancy, all you want is the best for your future baby. Bump Moves is your resource for everything you need during this exciting time, including a host of products and information from the best pregnancy and maternity pillow to foods you should avoid when pregnant. Relieve pelvic pain, lose baby weight, and much more with our range of products, articles and guides.

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There is nothing in this world quite as beautiful as the miracle of childbirth. While this life-changing period is a time for joy and excitement, some pregnant women face the unfortunate difficulty of aches, pains and discomfort. At Bump Moves, our aim is to provide you with everything you ever need both before and after giving birth. from wraps, comforters and rattlers to books on exercises, weight loss and nutrition.

We want your pregnancy to be a memorable experience for all the right reasons. A major issue faced by many Australian mums-to-be is pain and stiffness around the body after sleep, or resting during the day. This is often caused by a lack of appropriate support, which cannot always be gained from a regular pillow. At Bump Moves you’ll find a pregnancy sleeping pillow, maternity body pillow and more, all designed to meet the unique needs of pregnant women. Whether it’s getting some much-needed shuteye or comfort while breastfeeding, find the pillow that meets your needs and we’ll deliver it anywhere in Australia.

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These can be supported by our expert guides on nutrition, which describe which foods are encouraged and which are best avoided during pregnancy. If you are aiming to quickly lose baby weight, our fitness recommendations will help you reach your goals in no time. With additional information on C-section recovery, breastfeeding, post-natal recovery and more, you’ll be well-equipped to care for yourself and your little one.

The miracle of life is a wonderful gift, and we want to share the experience with you. Bump Moves is here to help you make the most of your pregnancy.