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Sleep tips during and after Pregnancy

Ever wake up at night with a sore back or other pain caused by sleeping in an uncomfortable position?

Sleep tips #1: You can reduce the number of times this happens by positioning yourself so that your neck and spine are in a neutral position by using a supportive pillow. As for sleeping on your back, avoid that position throughout pregnancy, especially in the later months. Health care professionals recommend sleeping on your left side during pregnancy to increase and improve the blood flow and therefore nutrients to the placenta which in turn will benefit your baby.

Using a pregnancy pillow can help you to stay sleeping on the left side and make for a more comfortable night’s sleep. Here is why! There is a major vein called the inferior vena cava which lies on the right of your spine, and whilst lying on your back this vein can become compressed during your pregnancy and cause feelings of dizziness, fainting, or a feeling of not being able to breathe.   One of our sleep tips is to sleep on your side which is highly recommended while you’re pregnant. Many women experience pain within the low back, sacroiliac or pubic symphysis joints in pregnancy as well as tightness and discomfort in the surrounding pelvic muscles. One of the possible causes for these symptoms is somatic dysfunction of the pelvis and the associated pelvic ‘misalignment’. Achieving Pelvic alignment whilst sleeping can be achieved.  Here are two sleep tips that will help you sleep better and let your body do its most important work during and post pregnancy:

  1. A side sleeping pillow together with a pillow in between your legs

The best no-pain sleeping position is on your side with your knees bent, using a pillow between the knees, and your head resting on a single pillow to ensure that you have appropriate spinal alignment. Using another pillow between your knees or under your knees also helps to “anchor” your sleep position so that you won’t toss and turn as often, keeping you in the optimal sleeping position during pregnancy.

Sleep tips #2-  It’s important to use only a single sleeping pillow for your head.  If you use more than one pillow it will most likely cause neck pain after a short time.   There are a number of options when it comes to pillows, a standard rectangular pillow, may not be sufficient in terms of promoting the recommended side sleeping position.

Sleep tips #3 – A pillow designed for side sleeping, such as the UltimateSkies  pregnancy pillow, is a healthier alternative as it promotes the side sleeping position together with providing head and neck support. The curvature of the Boomerang pillow provides snug comfort on your neck and shoulder while allowing you to hug and rest your arms on the curvature. The medium height and firmness of the pregnancy pillow will help maintain the natural alignment of your neck to your spine, easing the stiffness and soreness of your upper body. You can also use this side sleeping pillow to support your neck and back when reading in bed or as your breastfeeding pillow post pregnancy. This pillow is so versatile, many mothers report using it as their side sleeping pillow, as well as their breastfeeding pillow, and just can’t stop raving about it!

Sleep tips #4 – Pelvic Alignment: You may have tried already, stuffing a few pillows in between your legs, to solve this issue. You have to ensure that the pillow is firm enough to hold the weight of your other leg, and maintain the appropriate pelvic alignment.  A pelvic support will act as a support pillow to maintain the natural alignment of your spine and keep you from tossing and turning during the night. So now, you can let your body do its most important work during pregnancy, whilst having the essential comfort to help you sleep on your side and maintain excellent pelvic alignment.  The other option is for you to use the UltimateSkies pregnancy pillow and hug it like a banana and place its leg in between your legs.  You can see how to use this pregnancy pillow here.

2. Use a total body support pregnancy pillow (Head, Neck, Bump, Back and Pelvis support)

Finding a comfortable sleeping position is something all pregnant women seek. An aching back, a growing stomach and the toll of daily activities  can drain the energy from any expectant mother when they should be resting.  The U shape Pillow was designed to support the entire body regardless of whether you are sleeping on your left side, right side, stomach or your back. It keeps your body in perfect alignment to reduce body aches and pain and allow you to get a good night’s sleep – important for every pregnant woman. The flexible, wide curved shape of this luxurious pregnancy and nursing body pillow is designed to maximize your comfort in a variety of sleeping and sitting positions. The U shape does the job of 5 pillows. It helps reduce neck, shoulder and back pain during your pregnancy and beyond. No more tossing & turning. No need for multiple pillows.

Sleep tips #5 –  By increasing both your spinal and pelvic alignment, the Ultimate Sleep – Total body support U pregnancy support pillow reduces pressure off your pelvis and hip muscles to increase comfort for the optimal pregnancy side sleeping position.  The long U shape of the pillow allows you to turn from one side to the other at night without having to readjust the pillow, common with some of the other styles of pregnancy pillows, which only support one side of your body.

Ensuring you have a great night’s sleep is very important as it allows you to wake refreshed and rested so that your muscles have adequate time to relax and recover from the day’s work. Let’s face it – expectant mums need to sleep deeply and wake recharged. For a hand selected range of pillows from Ultimate Sleep, or for more sleep tips – view them here to get you a better nights sleep during pregnancy.