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What type of pregnancy support brace do you need?

by Alison Gault

At Bump Moves, we stock three different types of pregnancy support braces and one belly support garment, the BellyBra.  A Belly support brace, lumbar and sacroiliac brace. All of these pregnancy support braces have very different functions and therefore suit very different pregnancy pain conditions.  Selecting the correct brace is vital to get the results that you desire in reliving your pain! 

The pregnancy belly support belt

The pregnancy belly brace functions to gently lift up your growing belly to take pressure off your low back and abdominal muscles. The majority of the support in under your belly with only a small strap around your back to keep the brace in place.  This offers minimal support to the low back itself.

This type of pregnancy support brace is suitable for women who’s belly is not too large (approx. the 25-35 week stage depending on your size) and feel as if they need a gentle lift.  This belt can assist women that are experiencing rectus abdominis diastasis or have had the condition in prior pregnancies and wish to reduce the pressure on the abdominal muscles to avoid re-occurrence or aggravation   The only kind of low back pain that I would recommend this type of brace for is a mild aching discomfort experienced at the end of the day. This belt can be beneficial for women that stand up for the majority of their day such as teachers, shop assistants, nurses etc. The brace will help to redistribute some of the weight of your belly and reduce the drag.

The pregnancy lumbar support brace

The pregnancy lumbar or back support belt’s main function is to support the lower back.  This brace introduces a compression force through the lumbar spine and low back region to increase stability, reduce muscular strain and to take some of the weight of the baby. If worn correctly, the brace also puts a slight compressive force through the sacroiliac joints to increase pelvic stability.  Due to the shape of the lumbar brace, there is also a slight amount of lift that is created anteriorly to support your growing bump.

This kind of pregnancy support belt is best chosen if most of your pain or discomfort it experienced in the low back proper.  This is the area below your rib cage and above the two dimples of your low back. Symptoms of low back pain can be an ache, sharp grabbing, muscular tightness or fatigue. This kind of pregnancy support is useful for women that do physical work involving lifting and are concerned about developing back problems.  It is not recommended to wear this belt continuously due to its action in taking over the role of the muscles.  If you don’t use your muscles, weakness may result and cause many more problems down the track. It is best to wear the brace only during activities that you find aggravate your symptoms such as doing the shopping, housework, work, walking, standing for long periods etc.

The pregnancy sacroiliac belt

The main function of the pregnancy sacroiliac brace is to support the joints of the pelvis.  This brace puts a compressive force through the sacroiliac joints whilst importantly enabling the joints to move freely with motion. Compression increases the stability of the pelvic joints which is vital in the conditions causing pelvic girdle pain such as pubic symphysis diastasis or dysfunction, and sacroiliac instability or dysfunction.

This kind of pregnancy support brace is indicated if most of your symptoms are located in the pelvis.  This is the area between the two dimples of your low back and the crease of the buttocks posteriorly and the pubic joint anteriorly. Symptoms can include sharp grapping, a sense of giving way and muscular pain in the buttocks or hips.   This brace is fine to wear all of the time as it provides support without taking over the role of the muscles.

The Belly Bra

The main function of this pregnancy support garment is to gently lift the weight of the belly out of the pelvis and off the abdominal and low back muscles.  The thick supportive band is held in place under the belly and is gently  lifted by the rest of the garment. The BellyBra was shown by a clinical trial at the Royal Womens Hospital in Melbourne to decrease the intensity of low back pain, reduce the need for pain killers and reduce the impact that pain had on normal activities of daily life such as sitting, walking and sleeping.

This kind of support is indicated for use if you pain is mainly in the low back, abdominal muscles or ribcage.  Its function is very similar to the pregnancy belly support brace but in a different format.  This support has been designed for the 3rd trimester of pregnancy unless you are expecting multiple whereby the garment would function earlier in your pregnancy.

The information provided in this post is of a general nature and for educational purposes.  This information does not replace professional medical assessment and advice.  We strongly recommend contacting a medical professional if you are experiencing any unusual or new symptoms.

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