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baby bagFor your baby bag

You should purchase a nappy / diaper bag and use this as your baby bag for hospital.  What you should look for is a bag with multiple compartments can keep your items organized and easy to find.  A waterproof lining helps when spills occur.  Ensure you pack medicines and snacks in resealable bags.  Lots of parents we know keep a basic diaper bag or changing supplies in the car at all times.  There are lots of nappy / baby bags available so do try diaper bags on for size. No one bag is comfortable and convenient for everyone.   Some parents also look for their bag to be convenient such as a tote bag or a back pack, that way you can use it when you are going out in outings.

 In hospital your baby bag should contain at a minimum the following:

  • Sleepsuits – pack at least 3 or 4 in a range of sizes, but have more available which your birthing partner can bring in for you.
  • Warm baby blankets (for the ride home)  Take a thick, warm one if the weather is cold.  Summer babies will also need a blanket.
  • Disposable nappies (plan 10 per day for breast feeding babies).  Any brand will do.
  • Hat or cotton beanie.
    • Knot hats and knitted beanies are a necessity for most newborns, especially Winter babies.  Purebaby Essential knot hats and knitted beanies come in sizes small, medium and large.
  • Muslin Wraps.
    • Most hospitals and midwives will recommend that newborns are swaddled in breathable muslin wraps.  Aden and Anais muslin wraps are 120 x 120cm and are sold individually, also available in packs of 4 – available here too for your baby bag.
  • Singlets or bodysuits (two per day in hospitals plus some extras).
  • 2 x going home outfits (in case one is soiled)
    • Ideally a growsuit, hat, jacket and booties/socks.
  • Formula, bottles, teats and sterilising equipment, if you plan to formula-feed.
  • Wipes or cotton wool balls.
  • Face washers.
  • Baby towel.
  • An infant car seat.  Some hospitals won’t let you leave by car without one – and it has to be securely fitted into your vehicle.  Obviously this does not fit in your baby bag but an essential item for being prepared to take your little one home.

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