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What you need for Breastfeeding2017-02-07T07:32:54+00:00

What you need for breastfeeding-the essentials.

A big advantage with breastfeeding is that it is available whenever and wherever your baby needs a feed and helps to build a strong physical and emotional bond between mother and baby.  You also may need to bottle feed from expressed breast milk.  It’s important to learn your baby’s uniqueness and to work with it.  Ensure you have the right posture and are comfortable.

  1. Breast pump and expressed breast milk containers:   Pumping your milk helps ensure there’s food for your baby when you’re not around (plus Dad can take on some of those night feeds)
  2. Disposable milk (freezer) bags: You’ll need a supply of these to store your milk (you can freeze breast milk for up to 6 months).
  3. Nursing bras: Not only are they essential for breastfeeding your baby, they are usually quite comfortable, offer great support, and make nursing easier for your baby.
  4. Breast pads:  Two to four pairs of washable, one box of disposable, or one set of silicone.  You may be surprised at how much and how often you can leak breast milk.  Breast pads will help to keep your breasts clean.
  5. Muslin cloths: Protect your clothes and wipe spit-up form baby’s chin with muslin cloths
  6. Breastfeeding blankets: from keeping the baby warm to catching the spills or as a breastfeeding curtain – an important item for everyday.
  7. Nipple cream: you may experience sore or cracked nipples.  Keep cream on hand to help heal and prevent chafing.
  8. Nipple shells/pads: they help protect sensitive nipples by keeping skin away from potentially irritating clothing.
  9. Breast ice packs:  For those times when you’re sore, engorged, or suffering from an infection, these ice packs can bring much relief.
  10. Nursing / feeding pillow – these specially designed pillows can help you and your baby get comfortable and reduce your chances of getting a cramped back, shoulder and neck pain.  Health care professionals recommend the UltimateSkies feeding pillow.

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