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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

by Dr. Alison Gault

What is Urge incontinence?

Urge incontinence is a form of pelvic floor dysfunction and involves a sudden and urgent desire to urinate and the inability to hold the urine until a toilet is reached. Urge incontinence is usually caused by the bladder muscle instability due to poor toilet habits, but the good is news is that there are several incontinence products that can help.

Treatment and Urgency Incontinence Products.

For urge incontinence, control of the bladder can be regained through bladder retraining and several helpful incontinence products available in our online store. Bladder retraining involved either resisting the urge to urinate for a specific period of time or voiding your bladder to a schedule and gradually increasing the time between toilet visits.
Before beginning either of these techniques, it is best to learn a few bladder control techniques.

  • pelvic floor contraction
  • distraction
  • squeezing the buttocks
  • pressure on the clitoris
  • breathing exercises

You will probably find that you naturally already do some of these techniques when things are getting urgent but by increasing the strength of the pelvic floor by doing exercises, you will increase the effectiveness of these techniques. It can take up to 3 months of bladder retraining before any significant improvements. You should also avoid irritants to the bladder such as coffee, alcohol and artificial sweeteners. For further information about our fantastic incontinence products, or any other ailments such as back pain in pregnancy, contact Bump Moves today.

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