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Weird pregnancy advice – Hilarious video

Everyone you meet who has ever met another pregnant woman is an expert on your pregnancy. Everything they will tell you defies logic, and is likely the opposite of anything your OB would ever tell you. The longer ago and the farther away they gave birth, the more advice they will have and the more they will insist your doctor is wrong. Your husband will give you advice based on what he remembers from his aunt being pregnant in 1985. Everything from schooling, to what you can and cannot eat, whether you will have a boy and a girl, hey some may even throw some salt over the shoulder! My favourite is getting advice from people who have not been pregnant – ever!

This great BuzzFeed video brings together a selection of unsolicited pregnancy advice gems in a hilarious clip.

The clip is has been more than 600,000 times since it was uploaded to YouTube last week – a sure sign anybody who has ever spied two pink lines on a pregnancy test can relate to it.

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